I believe….

Hello. I hope all is well with you & your family.

The following message is from the bottom of my heart….

I experienced allot this past week… re-programming of my second pace maker, two stress/exercise tests, chest pains.

I received GREAT news about ( the current reading) of my heart valve.

Mark 5: 36: As soon as Jesus heard the word that was spoken, he saith unto the ruler of the synagogue, Be Not Afraid, only believe..

The same God that healed me 16 months ago did not bring me this far to leave me.

I face chest discomfort, breathing issues, pacemaker issues etc on a daily basis.

I continue to pray for COMPLETE healing. God is able.

THOUGHT FOR TODAY: Nothing is toooo big for God: if only you believe
( that’s my testimony!)

Thanks soo much for being apart of the “new” journey in my life.




10 thoughts on “I believe….

  1. Kimberly, Right! NOTHING is impossible with God. I continue to pray daily for his almight hand to heal you completely. Hugs! Erin

  2. You are so right, he did NOT bring you this far to leave you. You still have to work to do (like keeping us encouraged with your testimony)! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. I love you and I admire your strength. Stay encouraged, and know that God is cradling you in His loving arms each and every day.

  4. Hello Kimberly:
    As always, your strength and faith is very inspiring to each of us that read your blog. You are very special and God always have a plan for His special people. Stay strong in faith.
    Genora Crooke

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