I keep pressing FORWARD: no turning back

Hello. My idea: “CREATING INSPIRATIONAL BROCHURES FOR CARDIAC PATIENTS & THEIR FAMILIES did not receive enough votes to win the contest. I thank PEPSI for selecting my idea out on many applications & grateful for the opportunity to share my story with the community.

I voted 30 days in a row & appreciate you taking the time to vote.

I will continue to seek funding for my project. I welcome any suggestions.

My story of healing was featured this past June ( the day before our 17th wedding anniversary) on the MENDED HEATS blog.

Please click the link below to read the article.

My story of healing is also featured in the AORTA REPORTER: Mended Hearts Monthly Newsletter. I’m excited because the cardiac patients will get a chance to read my testimony.

I will continue to share my testimony & encourage cardiac patients & their families.

Please type: http://www.mendedheartsatlanta.org to receive additional information about the organization. I joined MENDED HEARTS: ATLANTA CHAPTER: #81 this past January.

During the past 17 months: I experienced 3 surgeries, multiple pace maker re-programming ( sessions), breathing issues on a daily basis. etc….

I would like to thank my family & friends for agreeing to join me on Saturday, October 30th: Turner Field for the ATLANTA HEART WALK. I’m a SURVIVOR!

I keep pressing FORWARD: not turning back.




6 thoughts on “I keep pressing FORWARD: no turning back

  1. Kimberly,

    It doesn’t matter what it looks like…God’s plan for your life is unfolding. Continue to follow as He leads…


  2. your story of healing is very inspiring. I know you have helped a lot of folks. God always have a reason for what he does. I can now understand how He is using you to help to many others. Keep up the good work.

  3. Hi Genora.

    I enjoy using my gift of service to reveal God’s healing power.

    Thanks for your support & friendship



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