Thankful For Another Day..

Hello. How are you?

When I look back over the past two years : Three surgeries, coping with health obstacles on a daily basis, look at what’s happening now in my life: encouraging cardiac patients & their families :I give God ALL the honor & praise. I’m able to face my daily health challenges with the support from my loving husband, beautiful children, family/relatives, Pastor, Church Family, Medical Staff, Radical Love Family, wonderful neighbors & friends and will continue sharing my testimony with the community.

Seeking God: every day & focusing on my blessings instead of my daily health challenges, provides me with enough strength & courage to keep moving FORWARD: making a difference in the community.

Luke: Chapter 1: 37 NKJV
For nothing is impossible with God.

Have a beautiful day



2 thoughts on “Thankful For Another Day..

  1. Kimberly you are in my prayers – that you will be able to breathe better & feel better. I am blessed Kimberly to have met you. I have been going through different struggles…..but reading your posts & Religious comments are inspiring to me….It is too easy to feel sorry for yourself. I hold my head high & put my trust in God. Kimberly I totally agree with you to keep ONLY positive energy & people around you. You have a beautiful family & are blessed, I think it is inspiring inspiring people who need the same surgery as you. Kimberly whether you realize it or not you are needed by not only your family but stranger who may not have surgery if it wasn’t for you. Kimberly I may not tell you but I love you my friend….I may not talk to you as much as I like, but know you are in my heart & prayers. Love Monique

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