I smile..

Hello. How are you/family?

I would like to share with you a few reasons why I smile……

A) Because God woke me up this morning.

B) After 37 months of recovery from 3 surgeries, I continue to maintain a positive outlook on life.

C) Despite my most recent health challenge which occurred a week ago, I remain encouraged.

D) God continues to send “ new” opportunities for me to share my story of survival.

E) God promised never to leave me alone. He IS true to his word.

F) My loving husband, beautiful son & daughter, family/relatives, Pastor, Church Family, Medical Staff, Radical Love Family & wonderful circle of amazing friends, continue to provide encouraging words.

G) I look forward to sharing more stories of “ VICTORY” with the community,

My “Journey “ continues……

Have a beautiful day



6 thoughts on “I smile..

  1. Hi Kim. Through sharing your miraculous testimony with others, you will give a reason to SMILE. Remain positive and encouraged. God bless.

  2. Hello Kim, Stay encouraged while you continue to share your journey and testimony with others. God bless you and your wonderful family.

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