Strength To Carry On….


Strength To Carry On…….


During 2012 , I received two new medical diagnosis, plus coping with daily health challenges( low endurance, shortness of breath, low iron etc,  since February 2009.


Where do I find the  “Strength To Carry On”?   leaning on God for “everything’, praying: connecting with God,  reading  daily devotionals, communicating with my wonderful support team. God healed me, now I give back to the community by sharing my heart journey.


I’m so happy that I completed my first heart awareness project : MY JOURNEY: A STORY OF TRIUMPH &  HEALING: INSPIRATIONAL JOURNAL( please feel free to click the link to read the journal      


One of my goals for  the new year: to help reach more cardiac patients & their families.


I thank God for giving me the courage to share my heart journey & to help someone along the way.


I’m expecting GREAT things to take place in 2013.


Have a wonderful week




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