Today, We Celebrate…..

Four years ago, (February 12th, 2009): my  heart valve replacement surgery took place then I developed  blockage. February 16th, 2009, I received a pace maker( second surgery) to help my heart function. A year later, June 23rd 2010, my third surgery took place: pace maker revision.

I give God all the honor & praise for healing my body. 

I’m so grateful for my wonderful husband, beautiful children , family , Pastor & entire church family, Radical Love Family, Metro Atlanta American Heart Association Staff members, Mended Hearts Organization,  medical staff , & host of amazing friends who continue to provide support & encouraging words.

Despite my  health challenges, I will continue to trust God with my life & share my heart journey.

Thanks for caring

Have a great week



2 thoughts on “Today, We Celebrate…..

  1. Kimberly, it seems like just yesterday when we first spoke. You have had an amazing journey! May God continue to bless and move you forward!

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