Giving Up Is Not An Option



RE:METRO ATLANTA HEART WALK: OCTOBER 12th, 2013: 8am; Atlantic Station.


I’m walking as a tribute to every woman, man & child  affected by heart /stroke disease.


Also celebrating the doctors & entire  medical staff who work hard every day to provide adequate healthcare /support to the patients & their families. Please join me in praying for every patient/caregiver who continue to fight against heart/stroke disease.


I thank God for providing me with the strength & courage : every day  to press though my health challenges with a positive attitude.


Attention Team Goodloe: we have only a couple of weeks to prepare for the event.


Thanks for caring.


Have a beautiful week








 Sharing my  Contact information ………. : ( e-mail) ( health blog (website) (heart valve journal)   ( my most recent article)


Link to my Team Page for Metro Atlanta 5k Heart Health Walk:


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