I thank God for helping me recover from another setback which happened a couple of weeks ago. I appreciate all of your prayers & support. Despite my health condition ( low endurance, shortness of breath, anemia etc.), I remain committed to promoting heart awareness throughout the community.


I’m so grateful for  my amazing  support team: loving husband, beautiful children, family, Pastor/Church Family, Medical Staff, American Heart Association staff, Radical Love Family, Diamond In The Rough Family , neighbors & friends who continue to stand by my side through the high & low moments of my journey.


God placed the desire in my heart  to help  patients & their caregivers cope with the recovery process. I share my personal experience:  (which is a process) in order to encourage the heart patients to become their own health advocate, share their stories, instead of suffering in silence , to face their health challenges while maintaining a positive attitude, create a journal, develop a support team   etc..


2013 has been an AMAZING year!


I expect GREAT things to take place in 2014 & thank God in advance for sending blessings my way.



I pray for peace, love , happiness & good heath for everyone this holiday season


Have a beautiful day









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