Christmas Holiday Season 2013

I give God ALL the honor & praise for keeping me in the palm of his hands. For the past 58 months, I survived three surgical procedures , experienced numerous health setbacks,  cope with daily  health challenges plus face additional procedures in the future re; my pace maker. When I experience low moments, God provides me with the strength & courage to press through to help someone in need while I’m dealing with my own health struggles. I’m glad the good days outweigh the low moments.

If you know of anyone facing any challenge, especially during the holiday season, please take the time to reach out & let them know you care. Why do I choose to smile ,count my blessings & move forward? because I continue to trust God with my life: 100%, my devoted husband, adorable children, family , wonderful circle of neighbors & friends ,Pastor & church family, American Heart Association Staff, Radical Love Family, Medical team, Diamond In The Rough Family continue to provide support.

A year ago, I set a goal to help more cardiac patients in 2013.  I’m happy to report I reached more patients this year than I did in 2012.

I will continue to share the good news about my healing & promote heart awareness throughout the community.

I pray for peace, good health & joy for you & your family this holiday season.

Have a beautiful week



Five Year Anniversary:  Open Heart & First Pace Maker Surgeries:  February 2014.


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