Celebrate Life


Five Year Anniversary: Heart Valve Replacement Procedure….

My open heart surgery took place on February 12th, 2009. Four days later( February 16th, 2009), I received a pace maker due to heart blockage. A year later, June 23rd , 2010: my third surgery took place: pace maker revision. 

When we were  told about the additional surgical procedures that will take place in the future ( to replace the batteries in the pace maker)  and that I will continue to take Coumadin ( blood thinner), due to the type of valve in my heart  (mechanical) , plus cope with low endurance, shortness of breath etc.. I had two choices: to give up or trust God with my life.

I choose to trust God.    

Sharing a couple of reasons why I  smile…..

I know without a doubt , God is a healer.

My devoted husband & beautiful children  continue  to provide love & support.

God blessed me with a wonderful circle of  amazing  friends who I can count on  through my high & low moments.

Every day:  God fills me with the  courage to help promote heart awareness throughout the community.

Thanks so much for being part of   MY HEART JOURNEY

Have  a lovely day




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