“Overcoming Obstacles”


Sharing  a couple of reasons why I choose to  maintain a positive outlook on life…Image

God continues to provide strength for me  to celebrate the high moments of my journey & to press through the days when I’m not feeling; 100%. I’m happy to report the good days outweigh the low moments.

I can depend on my husband, Victor, who I met  thirty  years ago in high school: (Brainerd High Class of 84) ,  our  beautiful children, A.J. & Mariah, family & wonderful support team to inspire me every day to keep moving forward despite my health obstacles.


When I received the mechanical heart valve, pace maker plus information re: facing additional procedures to replace the batteries in the pace maker , I could have given up but made a choice to focus on the positive & trust God with my life.


I thank God  for his healing power & giving me the courage to share my story, advocate for the uninsured, raise money to help fund medical research, provide community resources to cardiac patients & their families ,etc.

Have a beautiful day




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