Today’s Testimony


One of the reasons why I share my story of survival: because so many people are suffering on different levels.At the beginning of my journey ( after I returned home from the hospital in 2009), I was afraid to talk about the surgical procedures. I thank God for answering my prayers, giving me the courage to help heart patients & their families.

By using my gift of service, I’ve experienced so many opportunities with the support from The American Heart Association’s wonderful staff members to advocate for the uninsured heart patients, provide community resources etc. while coping with my daily health obstacles.
God continues to send unexpected blessings my way & I’m so grateful.

To my loving husband, beautiful children, amazing family, church, neighbors & friends …
Thanks for taking the time to care.
Have a wonderful day

Sharing Words of Encouragement to anyone coping with health issues…

You are not alone: Connect with God on a daily basis, focus on your blessings, & never give up.


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