Re: My Visit to the Pace Maker Clinic on Wednesday, April 22nd..

Sharing GREAT news; God answered our prayers. All is well ( received normal reading for the device). Every couple of years the surgeons will place new batteries in the pace maker. At the present time my next surgery ( #4) is pending. Due to irreversible heart blockage; (which took place after my first surgery ( open-heart); I’m 100% dependent on the pace maker to help my heart function. I’m also 100% dependent on God to fill me with the strength EVERY DAY to help the community & create more wonderful memories with my loving husband ,adorable children, family & wonderful circle of friends. RE; my new heart valve ( which is mechanical); I also received a normal reading : January 2015 .   I look forward to seeing everyone on May 23rd at The Lona Gallery; Downtown Lawrenceville. : “ Make A Heart for Health Art Project” & September 26th; Metro Atlanta Heart Walk/Centennial Olympic Park.

Thanks for keeping me in your prayers.

Have a beautiful week


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