Miracles Happen Everyday

 Five Years ago, I  traveled to the doctor’s office on  June 22nd  2010 (  in the afternoon) for a normal check-up  ( no symptoms at all)  & was told that one of the leads in the pace maker needed repair. I was in total shock  due to the fact that I’m 100% dependent on the pace maker to help my heart function. The following day, ( June 23rd  2010) ; my third surgery took place.  I thank God for giving the doctors wisdom to  identify the problem with the device. My fourth surgery will take place in the near future ( date is pending) ;  I’ll receive new batteries in the pace maker . Sharing words of encouragement to anyone facing health obstacles :  ” Keep praying, trusting  & believing:   Nothing is too hard for God” MY HEART JOURNEY ( timeline) February 12th, 2009; open-heart surgery  (received  new valve in my heart ; which is mechanical):February 16th, 2009: first pace maker surgery; June 23rd 2010;  second pace maker surgery    

mar marqu


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