I Believe In Miracles






Do I believe in Miracles? Yes I do.

God touched my heart during three surgical procerdures:( February 12th, 2009; heart valve replacment, February 16th, 2009: pace maker and June 23rd, 2010; pace maker revision) & gave me a second chance at life.I continue to receive opportunities to share my story of survival , & encourage heart/stroke patients thorughout the country and worldwide ,despite my health obstacles. I give God all the honor & praise for what is taking place in my life.To my beautiful family & friends; Thanks so much for taking the time to care.

Sharing words of encouragement to anyone pursuing a dream:
Create a vision board, pray daily, surround yourself with people who can elevate you to the next level and never, never give up


2 thoughts on “I Believe In Miracles

  1. So proud of you, Kimberly! Keep up the awesome work! Thanks, too, for stressing the importance of “surrounding ourselves with people who elevate us to the next level” and also for encouraging us to “never, never give up.” 🙂

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