Heart and Soul Collage: It Keeps Growing and Growing


Section #1:  February 2014



Section# 2:    February 2015




Section #3       February 2016


I  traveled to Snellville Ga. on Friday, February 12th  to create my collage ( third section) with the help of my friends  , T.W. Briscoe Park Facility Coordinator and a group of volunteers from a local high school.

The purpose of the collage; to celebrate my recovery from heart valve  & three pace maker surgeries , promote heart awareness &  honor every woman, man & child affected by heart /stroke disease.

I’m happy to report over 1,500 hearts were collected from my family, neighbors, friends , area schools, churches and non-profit groups.

I thank God for placing the desire in my heart to create the collage.

Currently, I’m working on section #4.

I love the fact that while decorating a heart:  each participant learn about my story & heart health tips;  totally Amazing





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