“If Only I Had Known”

Heart Of Gold


Photo Credit; Emoryrose Photography


“Surviving heart disease is a journey, and knowledge can help. But, there is so much we don’t know before we have to face it. Here are some of my thoughts.”

Five things I wish I knew before my heart valve procedure…

  1. More information about the  potential side effects after surgery, such as anemia, shortness of breath and low endurance; these occurred after my open heart procedure and I’m still coping with symptoms 79 months post-op
  2. Time frame for the recovery process…
  3. How to cope with the physical limitations
  4. How to prepare for the transition; post-surgery
  5. More information about the medication I need to take

Five things I know now, after my heart valve replacement & two pacemaker surgeries:

  1. Life goes on… but it is a process.
  2. It’s very important to notify my cardiologist when I develop any new symptoms; I am so thankful for my doctor.

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