November is National Family Caregivers Month



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  Insight to my Healing Process……..

A  couple of years ago , I received a new heart valve plus a pace maker.

I was born with an abnormal heart valve  and developed symptoms at age 42.  I notified my doctor, a  test was ordered then I received a mechanical valve. Four days later I developed heart blockage . The doctor informed my family that I would need a pace maker to help my heart function. A year later,  my third  surgery took place  :  pace maker revision. On December 21st, 2015; ( fourth surgery),  new batteries were placed  in my pace maker.


At the beginning of my heart  journey, I struggled with my recovery. I asked God for help and he answered my prayer. I’m so grateful for my second chance at life.


My relationship with my husband, Victor is even stronger. We were married in 1993 and promised to love each other unconditionally. He continues to provide emotional, physical, mental and spiritual support. While I was recovering he helped the kids with their homework, made daily trips to the grocery store, ironed the kid’s clothes, worked hard every day and spent quality time with me. I thank God for my soul mate.


When I returned home from the hospital , my  son ,Anthony quietly walked in my bedroom and prayed by my side every night.  It was very important for him to thank God for healing his mother. My daughter, Mariah also prayed for my recovery  plus helped my son and husband with household duties etc.


After my surgery, our children asked about the limitations,  how did I feel overall etc. We continue to keep the lines of communication open in our home. It’s very important for our children to express their feelings. I continue to pray for my husband and children. We are determined to face any obstacles “together” with God’s guidance.



My Faith in God, support from my  beautiful family, medical team, Pastor/church family, neighbor and friends continue to play a major role in my healing process.  I could have given up in the hospital but made a decision to trust God and help patients and their caregivers; locally,  throughout the nation and worldwide live a happier, healthier lifestyle.





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