I’m Grateful







My fourth surgery ( new batteries placed in my pace maker)  took place on December 21st, 2015

A couple of days later,  I was readmitted due to complications. I began praying and happy to report, God answered my prayer.

I would  like to thank everyone for all of your support & kind words.

I’m looking for to celebrating my heart anniversary in February( 8 years ; true blessing).   I have sooooo much to be thankful for.

Sharing words of encouragement to anyone coping with health obstacles…

Keep praying , smiling shining  , believing  and  never, never lose hope…


Fyi:  MY HEART JOURNEY ( timeline)

February 12th,  2009; heart valve replacement surgery ( mechanical valve) : 

February 16th  2009:  first pace maker surgery                                              

June 23rd’ 2010;         second pace maker surgery:  right lead replaced.          

December 21st, 2015:  third pace maker surgery: I received new batteries in my pace maker


I thank God for giving me the strength to press through the days when I’m not feeling 100%. I remain committed to helping families throughout the community cope with the recovery process.




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