Journey Of The Heart




Photo Credit; Emoryrose Photography





 “It’s Time To Celebrate.. first surgery took place eight years ago: I have soo much to be grateful for.

A  couple of years ago , I received a new heart valve( February 12th, 2009) plus a pace maker ( February 16th, 2009). I was born with an abnormal heart valve  and developed symptoms at age 42.  I notified my doctor, a test was ordered then I received a mechanical valve. Four days later I developed heart blockage . The doctor informed my family that I would need a pace maker to help my heart function. A year later( June 23rd, 2010), my third  surgery took place  :  pace maker revision. My fourth surgery took place on December 21st, 2015; I received new batteries  in my pace maker.


I’m so proud of my victory scars:    the scar in the middle of my chest represent my recovery from heart valve replacement surgery and the scar located on the right side of my chest represent my recovery from three pace maker surgeries.


I thank God for touching my heart , giving me a second chance at life. Despite my health obstacles, I will continue to share with the world ,what God is doing in my life and encourage heart patients to keep moving forward, focus on the positive and never, never lose hope.







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