My name is Kimberly Anne Goodloe.

I’m a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, patient advocate, global humanitarian, American Heart Association Ambassador and heart disease survivor.

I use my “gift of service” to help provide community resources to my family, neighbors, church members, friends, heart/stroke patients and their caregivers, etc.

I created the blog to share my story of God’s healing power & to give hope:  no matter what challenges you may face: keep trusting & believing in God. Miracles happen every day

Photo Credit; Adriana Sans Photography




2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Kimberley – I just came across the Heart Ambassadors forum, read your story, loved seeing your wonderful, recent photos, thought I would drop you a note. I’m having AVR (bovine valve) in just over a week, 7/27, at The Heart $ Valve I statute, Columbia Med Center NY. I’ll be having another Angio scan and a TEE in the days before so my vascular surgeon can finalize some other procedural specifics – Aortic Arch re-construction and mitral valve repair. 50/50 I’ll need a pacemaker. Seems our conditions are pretty similar. I’m considerably older than you but in pretty good shape otherwise. I was wondering if you might have any personal reflections or advice both for immediate post-surgery and the initial weeks after. Outside of my life partner who’ll be with me, I don’t have friends/family in New York so I’ll largely be my own advocate and want to think I’m as well prepared as possible. My very best to you and many thanks for the work you do.

    • Hi Lucinda
      How are you today?

      Sharing how I cope with a mechanical valve and pacemaker after I returned home from the hospital:

      a) Pray daily
      b) Follow my doctor’s advice
      c) Take one day at a time.
      d) I created a journal to keep track of any new symptoms
      e) I developed a relationship with my medical team, prior to leaving the hospital; which is part of the recovery process
      f) Healthy for good: I received exercise tips from my medical team.
      g) I rely on my faith in God and support from my beautiful family & friends to press through the days when I’m not feeling 100%.
      Please feel free to send me a message at : theheartadvocate@comcast.net: if you have any additional concerns. I hope you find the information helpful

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