I would like to share notes with you from my church ” BELIEVE” series.

Please feel free to share with your family & friends.

Have a lovely day


Hebrews 11: 1-12. ( reference verses):

“The Faith To BELIEVE” ( January 19th, 2011 : Bible Study)

“FAITH is an act of obedience. Faith sways in the direction of God. Faith requires me to do what God requires of me. Remain consistent in things of God.”

“FAITH will cause you to please God. We go through certain things for the sake of others.”

“FAITH will cause you to prepare for the move of God. Focus on pleasing God, not man ( every day). Our FAITH in God makes us righteous.”

“We must be willing to take the first step: ACT OF FAITH.”

“When you’re obedient to God, he will bless you. God blesses you to be a blessing to others.”

“FAITH will cause you to believe God in an impossible situation.”

” Faith brings new found strength to conceive.”

“Faith gives birth to things beyond your ability”

“FAITH will cause you to suffer for a GREATER plan.”

“FAITH causes you to be consistent.”

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