God continues to provide me the strength & courage ( 65 months) to share my story of triumph & healing.

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The Traveling Collage..Here We Grow Again…………


The purpose of the collage; to celebrate my recovery from three surgeries, promote heart awareness & honor every woman, man & child affected by heart /stroke disease.


 Section 1…..


February 10th, 2014  : Alexander Park; Lawrenceville, Ga



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The following church groups, classes, organizations & families listed below who donated the wonderful hearts!

Margaret Winn Holt Elementary School: Nancy Read , J C Magill Elementary School: Lori Ferguson, Cathy Redmond, Wendy Weaver, Starling Elementary School: Felisha Keturah Hallback,

Jenkins Elementary School: Annie Bell, Ms. Vinson, Ms. Weigel, Ms. Barrett, Ms. Paremore, Ms. Branch Benefield Elementary School: Stacey Gracia

Lawrenceville Elementary School, Yolanda Arnold. Ross Elementary School, Nashville, Tennessee: Karen Bryant (my sister)

Richards Middle School: Tamara Agee : Dalton Middle School, Dalton, Ga: Cherie Haggard.
Diamond In The Rough Youth Development Program: Nicole Steele, Founder/ Executive Director. New Mercies Christian Church: 226 Children’s Ministry, Discovery Worship Students Pre-K-1st Grade : Senior Pastor: Jesse Curney III

Plesanthill Baptist Church; Children’s Ministry: KIDS 4 Christ: Senior Pastor: Dr. Ronald D. Dunnigan Christ’s Messengers: Kingdom Kids,: Christian Kids on Fire and Generation-I: Pastor, Cornelius Simon

LEAP Dancers/ Debbie Ellis: Artistic Director: White Oak Baptist Church; Senior Pastor, Danny Odum. Yellow Wildflower Troop 20441: Terri Guy

Scholars Guild : Grades K-4: Anne Benford

Kerry White, Valerie Thomas, Trina Ijamere, Charlotte Baker, Darsha Elphic, Adriana Sans, Yvette Tate, Laura Smith, Cynthia Smith Angelic Douglas




Section 2 ( work in progress)


April 27th, 2014; My daughter’s Soccer Team : Briscoe Park Snellville, Ga


May 30th, 2014;   Future Vision ;  Atlanta, GA :


June 13th;  2014   Heart To Heart Ministry; Lilburn, Ga


June 20th:   2014   My High School Reunion: Celebrating 30 Years; Social; Meet & Greet Social; Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity House Chattanooga, Tennessee.


June 21st:  2014   My High School Reunion: Celebrating 30 Years:  Cookout;  Brainerd  High School: Chattanooga, Tennessee


June 22nd :  2014  Union Hill Missionary Baptist Church Teen & Women’s Ministries : Chattanooga, Tennessee,

Samuel R. Jackson, Senior Pastor




Go Red For Women Luncheon: May 20th, 2014; St. Regis Hotel: Atlanta Ga.

Heart And Soul..


Today, Victor & I celebrate our 21st Wedding Anniversary. 

I thank God for my soul mate, son & daughter. I look forward to creating more “Special”  memories with my beautiful family, amazing neighbors & friends.

Thanks for all of your support

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“Overcoming Obstacles”

Originally posted on Heart to Heart:

Sharing a couple of reasons why I choose to maintain a positive outlook on life…Image

God continues to provide strength for me to celebrate the high moments of my journey & to press through the days when I’m not feeling; 100%. I’m happy to report the good days outweigh the low moments.

I can depend on my husband, Victor, who I met thirty years ago in high school: (Brainerd High Class of 84) , our beautiful children, A.J. & Mariah, family & wonderful support team to inspire me every day to keep moving forward despite my health obstacles.

When I received the mechanical heart valve, pace maker plus information re: facing additional procedures to replace the batteries in the pace maker , I could have given up but made a choice to focus on the positive & trust God with my life.

I thank God for his healing power &…

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Today’s Testimony,

I’m so grateful that I didn’t hide behind the ( permanent) surgical scars , live in denial or suffer in silence.  I made a decision (a couple of years ago) to release the negative emotions ( in the hospital)  & trust God with my life: 100%.  Despite my health obstacles,  I will continue to share my heart story, raise funds for medical research, plus help the community by providing healthy heart resources.

Sharing One of My Favorite Quotes:  “I Wear Red …. Because I care”

Thanks for your support

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