Journey Of Faith


“Journey Of Faith”

After I created the first section of my heart collage this past February, God place the desire in my heart to continue the campaign.

I recently received  help from three connections to promote heart/stroke awareness & my  collage project.

One word to describe 2014 ; AMAZING. I’m thanking God in advance for more unexpected blessings to come  my way .

Sharing Words Of Encouragement: Despite whatever you may face, focus on the positive & never give up on your dreams.

I know without a doubt, God can & will make a way.

Enjoy your day


Photo Credit;  Adriana  Sans Photography

Heart and Soul


Heart & Soul..
When I made the decision to create the collage, I had no idea how to begin the process.
I asked God for help & he answered my prayer. The collage continues to grow & I’m so grateful. Section#2 : work in progress.
To my wonderful support team, thanks for taking the time to care.
Have a lovely day

*Photo Credit; Gwinnett Citizen Community Newspaper.*

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