“Grateful Heart”


When I was a patient in the hospital, I cried out to God to heal my body , give me strength to return home to my loving husband, beautiful children, amazing neighbors & friends & he did. He has proven his love for me over & over again. After I became a volunteer with Mended Hearts & the American Heart Association in 2010, I asked God to send positive people my way who can help me elevate to the next level , connect with heart /stroke survivors locally, nationally & worldwide, support my collage project, advocacy assignments, heart walk team and it is taking place. Despite my health challenges, I will continue to advocate for the uninsured , promote heart/stroke awareness, focus on blessings etc. I know without a doubt God can & will make a way.
To my wonderful support team
Thanks so much for caring
Have a pleasant day

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Close To My Heart




I thank God for placing  the desire in my heart( last winter) to create the collage & giving me the strength , despite my health challenges to share my story of survival.

The purpose of the collage: to celebrate my recovery from heart valve replacement & two pace maker surgeries,  promote  awareness & honor every woman, man & child affected by heart/stroke disease.

Several  organizations : local & out of state  plus my family,  church ( children’s  ministry), neighbors & friends donated the hearts.

Unexpected blessings continue to come my way ( to support the project) & I’m so grateful.

Collage Update…

Section 1:        Completed

Section 2:        Work in Progress

Website:        http://kagoodloe.wix.com/travelingcollage 

Fan Board:        http://www.pinterest.com/kimberlygoodloe/heart-and-soulthe-beat-goes-on-traveling-collage-f/   

 Support Team:      “ Caring Hearts”


Sharing Words Of Encouragement..

Never Give Up On Your Dreams….

Ask God to order your steps, create a vision board & stay connected with  positive people who believe in  you & your dreams.  

Have a wonderful day


 Photo Credit :Gwinnett Citizen Community Newspaper.



FYI…  To read the full article & see additional pictures of the heart collage   ( section 1) :  please click the link below…



Dream, Believe, Achieve

Living My Legacy, Now…”

A couple of months after “ Living My legacy  Now” article  was published (  see the link listed below the picture: September 2013),  

God placed the desire in my heart to create the “ Traveling Collage” and it keeps growing.

I would like to thank my beautiful family, wonderful neighbors & friends for believing in my dream.

Have a lovely week



Sharing the link(s) to the article and fan board.



Special Recognition: To all of the churches , students, teachers, schools, non-profit organizations, family, high school classmates; BHS Class of 84, neighbors & friends who donated the beautiful hearts for sections 1 & 2,  Gwinnett County Parks & Recreation, &  Gwinnett Citizen Community Newspaper entire staff.

I have one word to describe 2014: AMAZING!  

Sharing Community Resources


Recently, I became a member of the American Heart Association’s Support Network. I’m grateful for another opportunity to connect with heart/stroke patients throughout the country & share my story of healing.Please feel free to share the information below with your family & friends.

“Our Support Network is a virtual community dedicated to serving people who have experienced heart disease or stroke. Here you can connect with others, share your experiences and help others on their journeys.” http://supportnetwork.heart.org/home

Have a nice day


FYI: American Heart Association’s Mission: “Building healthier lives, free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke.”




Encourage One Another…

Good morning, How are you?

So many people throughout our community are suffering in silence, please take the time today to reach out to your  neighbor,  friend,  co-worker,  family/church member,  distant relative  etc.

Have a pleasant day




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