Twelve Days Of CHRISTmas


Twelve Days of CHRISTmas

I pray you’ll receive….

Day 1: Peace

Day 2: Hope

Day 3: Joy

Day 4:  Good Health

Day 5:  Love

Day 6:  Happiness

Day 7:  Positive Thoughts

Day 8:  Encouragement

Day 9:  Unexpected Blessings

Day 10  Priceless moments

Day 11:Quiet time to reflect on the past year  plus set goals for 2015.

Day 12: December 25th, 2014:  more special memories with your family & friends, celebrating the TRUE meaning of CHRISTmas.


Have a wonderful holiday season



“The Heart Advocate”


Join the campaign throughout your community on  National Wear Red Day Friday, Feb. 6, 2015   to honor every woman, man & child affected by heart/stroke disease, raise awareness, & encourage  family & friends to live happier, healthier lifestyle.

Please review the website below to receive healthy heart resources & learn how to support National Wear Red Day :

                      “I Go Red because I’m a heart disease survivor.”

Special Recognition; Auveed Bagheri Cawthon and entire: staff : Gwinnett Citizen Community Newspaper .

Photo Credit in newspaper: Dedra Walker-Howard

Two Months until National Wear Red Day…


Two months until National Wear Red Day: Friday, February 6th. 2015. I Go Red for my beautiful family & friends, the uninsured throughout our community fighting to survive, more funding for heart/stroke research, every woman, man & child  affected by cardiovascular/stroke disease. I thank God for my awesome support team who continue to pray &  provide encouraging words.

For additional information on National Wear Red Day plus receive heart resources, please click the link below.

Have a pleasant day


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Kindness Movement

go red breakfast

A year ago, I set a goal to connect with more heart/stroke patients & their families for 2014 & I’m happy to report that unexpected blessings continue to come my way to help the community. Please click the link below to receive additional information about the “ Kindness “ movement.     

Despite my  daily health challenges , (70 months  since my first procedure; open-heart surgery), I will continue to trust God , 100%  &  promote heart/stroke awareness.  I expect GREAT things to take place in 2015.  

Thanks for being part of my heart journey.

Have a lovely day


Sharing my “ Kindness” post from the website………

Kimberly Atlanta, GA USA

“Kindness is touching a heart, sharing a smile, taking the time to brighten someone’s day.”

“Living With A THANKful Heart”


“ Living With A THANKful Heart”

When I was discharged from the hospital after my second surgery ( February 16th, 2009) , the physician told us  that I will face additional procedures in the future to replace the batteries in the pace maker ( every 5-7 years):  I had two choices to become discouraged or keep moving forward.

I thank God for giving me the strength, determination  & courage : every day  to cope with my health obstacles,  share my testimony/collage project & promote heart/stroke awareness.

During the holiday season, please remember to pray for the homeless, reach out to a distant friend or relative:   brighten someone’s day.

I have so much to be thankful for…

Thanks for all of your support.

Have a lovely holiday



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I Hope You Find One Reason To Smile : Every day



S     Share a kind word

M    Maintain a positive attitude

I      Inspire your family & friends to live a happier, healthier lifestyle

L      Lend a helping hand

E       Encourage yourself & others

Have a wonderful day


“From My Heart”

Originally posted on Heart to Heart:

The  Surgical Scar in the picture represent….


S: Strength

C: Courage

A: Acceptance

R: Recovery

I’m grateful to God for giving me the strength & courage every day to accept my limitations, share my story of survival  & help heart/stroke patients with the recovery process.  

Thanks for caring.

Have a great day


Photo Credit; Adriana Sans Photography

red hip st


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